Mindfulness Training Group

Mindfulness meditation allows us to tap into our natural ability to participate fully in our lives. This three session sequence for newcomers to meditation is run in my private practice office. The cost is $50 per session for a total of $150 to be paid at the start of the first session. Group size is limited to four participants in order to foster intimacy and maximize swift development of skills.

Session 1: Mindfulness training. We begin with the absolute basics of mindfulness meditation, learning how to keep our attention on the present moment even as the mind continuously creates distractions. Anyone can learn this skill and begin to benefit immediately. Following Session 1 you will be expected to, be able to, and be encouraged to meditate on your own for 5-15 minutes every day.

Session 2: Identifying your patterns. Our thoughts, feelings, and actions emerge in sequence, moment by moment. Once you start your daily meditation practice, you will begin to notice these patterns as they present themselves. Some patterns lead to desirable outcomes and others to undesirable ones. With mindfulness, we can identify unwanted patterns and begin developing interventions. We can also become more deliberate about bringing positive experiences into our lives.

Session 3: Acceptance and change. One of the chief benefits of mindfulness is a clear-minded look at our life’s problems as they emerge. With this clarity we can start to separate those aspects that are changeable from those that are not. Challenges we cannot change will make us miserable until we accept them. We need to be deliberate, thoughtful, and creative to accept life’s disappointments. In this last session we discuss our individual challenges, and help each other find ways toward acceptance.

Call me at (707) 799-4125 to register.

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