I received my BA from Brown University in 1988 and a Master’s in Social Welfare from the University of California–Berkeley in 1997. I have been a licensed mental health practitioner since 2000. In May 2021 I relocated from Northern California to Southern Maine and have an office in Biddeford on the  Pepperell Mill Campus.

I have worked in a variety of clinical settings, from residential treatment centers to outpatient health and mental health clinics to private practice. My most recent long term assignment was with the Kaiser Psychiatry Department in Santa Rosa, CA where I saw clients individually and ran mindfulness-based groups. I ended my eight years at Kaiser with an elaborate protest that you can read about on the website 90 Days to Change.

I live in a house of writers. In 2012, I self-published a novel for fourth to sixth graders called Glass Palace (see Kirkus Reviews). Available from AmazonGlass Palace has been used as a resource by grief counselors working with children and adults. You can read about its therapeutic value in The Therapist, the professional magazine of the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists. My wife, the writer Carol E. Miller, is the author of Every Moment of a Fall: A Memoir of Recovery through EMDR Therapy, released in May 2016. Hers is the first book-length account of recovery from childhood trauma using EMDR. (I was NOT her therapist, though we did work together on her book.) You can find out more about her memoir at: